From Capture to Print: The Art of Black and White Photography

Dates TBD 2023

From start to finish, learn how to create powerful and emotive black and white images.

Instructor: Lewis Katz

4 Live Zoom Sessions: 7:00-8:30pm, Dates TBD

Prerequisite: Students should to have a basic working knowledge of the Lightroom Classic Develop Module.

Course Content

This course offers four live zoom sessions. We begin with a general discussion and presentation of black and white photography; what type of images work best for this, how to visualize good BW when capturing images, and more.

Using the Lightroom Develop module and Nik Software, Lewis will discuss and demonstrate editing options for black and white images.

Students will also learn how to print monochrome images using the print module in Lightroom. How to find and load paper profiles to obtain the best results and how to use ‘soft proofing.’

We will also discuss a project of having students create a body of work during the course.

  • BW Photography Topics Covered
    How to pre-visualize images for later B&W conversion. What makes a good Black and White image. How to choose photos in your image collection that will benefit from monochrome conversion. How monochrome images can be used to portray certain moods and feelings.

  • BW Editing Topics Covered
    Creating Virtual Copies to work on. How to set white points and black points. How best to use the Lightroom presets and profiles. Using additional LR tools such as the adjustment brush, radial filter, color channels and others to create stunning black and white images.

  • BW Printing Topics
    How to properly print monochrome images using the print module in Lightroom. How to find and load paper profiles. Using ‘soft proofing.’

  • Student Project
    Students will be encouraged to create and present a personal body of work, discuss their emotional connection to it, and to receive comments from the other students as well as the instructor.

Required Gear

What materials are needed for this class?

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
    Nik Software is optional.

What People Are Saying About This Course

“I really enjoyed the class. It was packed with ideas and useful tools for creating black and white images. I am inspired to go forward in reviewing my photographs to use some in that format. Thank you.” Pat M.

Capital Photography Center Instructor


Lewis Katz

Lewis Katz is an experienced photographer and instructor based in Baltimore, MD.

He finds inspiration both in the classroom and out in the field shooting his adopted city of Baltimore.

Lewis also teaches at Johns Hopkins University as well as at Community College of Baltimore County and is a very active member of the Baltimore Camera Club.

His work can be found on his website at