Photographic Composition - Essential Techniques

Instructor: Michael Koren

Learn the elements techniques of composition to frame stronger images.

Course material is available onJuly 15

Full Participation Live Sessions:
July 20 & 27, 28 at 7:00-8:00pm

This course is all about "seeing" stronger images and will help you develop your eye when composing your own photographs.

The composition of a photograph is the single most important element a photographer uses to convey an artistic statement.

What’s included, excluded and the arrangement of elements within the frame are all part of composition. Learn the techniques to improve the composition of your photos.

Course Content

Full participation students receive online course content, video units from the instructor, and two one-hour Live Zoom session to review student's images from the shooting assignments. Students may submit up to two images to be reviewed by the instructor during the live sessions.

  • With image rich lessons, Michael will discuss examples of compositional techniques from master photographers. This gives you a foundation to build on as you work to improve your own photographs.envv

  • Composition techniques to help you develop your eye.

  • Full Participation students will enjoy an image review session and get feedback on the shooting assignments images.

Required Gear

What materials will you need for this class?

  • Any camera will do from a mobile phone to a digital camera.

  • If using a camera, a lens focal length of 18-135 should suffice.

Capital Photography Center Instructor


Michael Koren

Michael Koren is a free-lance sports and event photographer in the Washington/Baltimore metro area specializing in youth sports game-time action and team portraits. Prior to this Michael worked professionally shooting model portfolios, corporate portraits, product photography for catalogs, and client advertising campaigns.

Michael’s passion for photography is shared through his skill as a photography educator. He teaches classes at Montgomery College on a variety of photographic topics from mobile photography to street photography.

Additionally, he has served as President and Education Chair of the Silver Spring Camera Club in Maryland. He has led numerous seminars and workshops for the Camera Club, Ritz Camera, Calumet, and others with topics ranging from beginner photography to hands-on advanced level classes.

Visit Michael’s website to learn more.