Editing Portraiture With Photoshop

May 21 - June 25

Dive into the powerful and fantastic world of Photoshop and learn how to make your good portraits great!
Instructor, Catherine Simmons

Course material available on May 21
Live Sessions: Thursdays at 7:00pm
May 21, 28, June 4, 11, 25

Take your editing skills to the next level, polishing your portraits
so they look professional
and ready to frame.

In this four-week class, regardless of your skill level, you will be able to learn the tips, tools, and techniques necessary to create and edit portraits on a professional level. This class exposes participants to the tricks of the trade necessary for making professional portraits.

Course Content

Each week includes video units from the instructor, a live 1-hour Zoom conversation for the purpose of reinforcing concepts, asking questions, and troubleshooting hurdles.

  • Unit 1: General Tools

  • Unit 2: The Power of Camera Raw Filter

  • Unit 3: Editing Techniques Part 1
    (Skin Softening, Removing Red Blemishes, Enriching Skin Tones, Changing/Enhancing Hair Color, Selecting a Subject, Managing Stray and Wispy Hair)

  • Unit 4: Editing Techniques Part 2
    (Transform Tool, Selecting a Subject, Applying a Background Texture, Crop Tool, Prepping for Print and Social Media)

What You Will Get

  • Weekly Lessons

    The course include four units, one each week, with recorded video instruction. There is one downloadable file with supplemental notes to accompany each tool and technique introduced in the video instruction. Sample images are given to be used for practice and/or following along.

  • Live Sessions

    Full participation students have access to four, 60-minute online live zoom sessions with the instructor to trouble shoot, ask questions, and share images. Live demonstration practice in order to review content from the video instructions for that week.

  • Individual Optional Assignment Feedback

    Students may submit up to 2 separate images per week for private written feedback from instructor. Feedback replies will be delivered within 24 hours of submission.

Required Gear

What materials are needed for this class?

  • Lightroom and Photoshop

  • Photos will be provided by the instructor for practice.

  • Access to a computer or tablet for the course content, live zoom calls.

How it works

Full Participation vs. Study along

  • Full Participation

    Full Participation learning gives you the benefit of accessing the materials at your own time from any place while also connecting with the instructor for discussion, demonstration and weekly feedback. Students are given a robust learning environment that includes online classroom content, live discussion with the instructor and instructor feedback throughout the course. Full participation students also post their assignments in the workshop and receive instructor feedback each week.

  • Independent Learning

    Independent learning gives you the benefit of a robust online learning environment, which includes all course content and videos. Independent learning students will not be able to participate in instructor live discussion or submit photos for feedback. This is a great option for students wanting to explore a new subject on their own before taking a full class or a great option for a skill refresher.

Capital Photography Center Instructor


Catherine Simmons

Catherine is a studio and natural light photographer specializing in headshots and fine art portraiture. She has spent countless hours over the past 8 years fine tuning her skills in the studio and in Photoshop. When Catherine isn’t photographing, she can be found in the classroom sharing what she has learned with others. Helping people learn and grow into their full potential as artists is a true privilege and one that she takes very seriously. She has been a popular instructor at Capital Photography Center since 2018. Additionally, she volunteers tutoring photography students at her local community college, and has taught beginner's workshops through the United Nations Photography Club in Vienna, Austria, where she spent a year living abroad with her family. Catherine is currently a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design obtaining her Masters of Fine Arts degree in photography.