Magic of Winter

Instructor: Lori Lankford

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Explore how to photograph the season of winter in a creative and magical way. This course is filled with lessons focused on how to capture and enhance the sights, sounds, and smells of winter. The course includes a set of Lightroom winter presets, a set of bokeh overlays, and a set of snow backgrounds.

Course material is available with enrollment

Creative techniques, tools and ideas to capture the season of winter!

During this winter season explore how to add creative elements to your images. This course encourages you to explore winter light, winter close ups, winter themed flat lays, and winter editing. Get ready to create magical images that express the sights, sounds and smells of the season.

Course Content

- Each unit of the course contains video content and instructor led presentations.
- The course includes a set of winter Lightroom color presets, along with bokeh and snow overlays.
- A 13 page downloadable guide is also included.
- Course content is available to the student for a period of 60 days.

  • Unit 1: Winter Light: How light can impact winter images. How to use holiday lights, candlelight, bokeh to enhance your images.

  • Unit 2: Winter Close-ups: Explore capturing winter florals, nature, frost and snow. Learn about frozen objects and sugaring.

  • Unit 3: Winter Themed Flat Lays: Create visual still life and flat lays images of winter and holiday themes.

  • Unit 4: Winter Editing: Editing tools to add winter theme, colors, bokeh, and snow to your images. Lessons include examples of editing with Lightroom, Photoshop, Luminar 4, and iOS applications.

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Required Gear

What materials are needed for this class?

  • A camera ( any type including iPhone's will work)

  • Access to a computer or tablet for the course content, live zoom calls.

Capital Photography Center Instructor


Lori Lankford

Lori Lankford is photographer specializing in macro, flower and landscape photography. Her passion for photography began as a way to capture her personal travel adventures. Over the years she dived into the fine details of macro and flower photography. She loves to escape so deeply into the details of a tiny object.
Lori spends her free time in local gardens across the country shooting in the natural light and capturing its beauty.
Lori’s work has been exhibited in local and national gallery exhibits as well as in printed calendars and catalogs. She has a love for teaching and sharing her passion for nature and leads workshops in the Virginia/DC area.