Creative Close Ups

July 11 - August 8

Explore how to add creative, artistic elements to your nature photography with instructor Lori Lankford.

Course material is available July 11

Full Participation Live Sessions:
Saturdays, July 18, 25, August 1, 8 at 9:00am

Create magical photos with the techniques you will learn in Creative Close Ups.

In this four week class, you will learn creative techniques to enhance your close up photography. Simple creative techniques that will help you create a stronger image, break through creative boundaries, and create images that showcase the fine details of your subject.

Course Content

Each week includes PDF lessons with audio from the instructor, videos, handouts, and online support and discussion.

  • Lesson 1: Creative Close Up Intro/Creative Compositions

  • Lesson 2: Creative techniques using water and light

  • Lesson 3: Shooting Through

  • Lesson 4: Editing techniques and putting it all together

What You Will Get

  • Weekly Lessons

    At the beginning of each of the 4 weeks, students will have access to that week’s lessons to view at their leisure. Full participation students have access to 4 live 60 minute video sessions with the instructor to answer questions, review content and provide demonstration.

  • Lesson Videos

    2-4 videos demonstrating key lessons will be offered each week.

  • Individual Assignment Feedback

    Weekly at home practice assignments to help reinforce the weekly lessons. Full participation students can submit work for instructor review and critique weekly.

Required Gear

What materials are needed for this class?

  • A DSLR, Mirrorless or Point and Shoot camera ( macro or close up lens preferred, but not required)

  • Creative tools for practicing lessons: water spray bottle, things around the house ( lace, tissue paper, mesh items, circular tubes, string lights).

  • Access to a computer or tablet for the course content, live zoom calls.

How it works

Full Participation vs. Study along

  • Full Participation

    Full Participation learning gives you the benefit of accessing the materials at your own time from any place while also connecting with the instructor for discussion, demonstration and weekly feedback. Students are given a robust learning environment that includes online classroom content, live discussion with the instructor and instructor feedback throughout the course. Full participation students also post their assignments in the workshop and receive instructor feedback each week.

  • Independent Learning

    Independent learning gives you the benefit of a robust online learning environment, which includes all course content and videos. Independent learning students will not be able to participate in instructor live discussion or submit photos for feedback. This is a great option for students wanting to explore a new subject on their own before taking a full class or a great option for a skill refresher.

Capital Photography Center Instructor


Lori Lankford

Lori Lankford is photographer specializing in macro, flower and landscape photography. Her passion for photography began as a way to capture her personal travel adventures. Over the years she dived into the fine details of macro and flower photography. She loves to escape so deeply into the details of a tiny object.
Lori spends her free time in local gardens across the country shooting in the natural light and capturing its beauty.
Lori’s work has been exhibited in local and national gallery exhibits as well as in printed calendars and catalogs. She has a love for teaching and sharing her passion for nature and leads workshops in the Virginia/DC area.
You can learn more about Lori on her website,