Lightroom Classic
Version 11

Instructor: Marie Joabar

Self Study
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In this self paced mini-course learn how to use the Version 11 new Mask tools in the Lightroom Classic Develop Module.

To learn ALL the settings in the Develop Module, see the Self Study Lightroom Classic Develop Course which is comprised of more than 35 videos including the videos listed here.

Learn how you can get the most out of the new Mask tools in Version 11.

This is a mini- course which covers the new Mask editing tools in Version 11.
It is broken down into easy to follow-along lessons which you can review and play back as many times as you like during the course time and for 60 days.

Course Content

Includes video demonstrations of the new Version 11 Mask Tools.

  • Lesson 1: Brush Tool

  • Lesson 2: Linear Gradient Tool

  • Lesson 3: Radial Gradient Tool

  • Lesson 4: Select Sky

  • Lesson 5: Select Subject

  • Lesson 6: Luminance Range

  • Lesson 7: Color Range

What People Are Saying About Marie's Lightroom Courses

"I just completed the videos on Masks in LR; your instruction was uncomplicated and easy to follow, so my notes are well organized and clear. I've been dabbling with masks but your presentation included tools and effects I hadn't learned yet. So great course!" Stephanie B.

“I found the course easy to follow and really liked Marie's style. I learned a great deal and have added many new techniques to my toolkit. I will be using what I learned every day!” Susan G.

"I have almost completed your Lightroom Develop module and I can honestly say that after struggling with Lightroom for several years I am more excited than ever before to start working on some of my images.
Your course is the best Lightroom Develop course I have encountered to date - hands down."
Aleen G.

"I'm finding this method of learning very productive, giving me time to watch the videos a couple times then execute the task."
Marjorie O.

"I just want to thank you for a fabulous online class! Your teaching style is superb!! Clear, organized and informative, you allow the participant to understand each step and made me feel comfortable with doing a totally new task... It’s a great curriculum and extremely useful. I learned a lot!"
Barbara K.

"I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the LR Develop class.  I have been using the modules and going back and playing and reviewing and each time picking up something different.  I’ve gone back and redone a lot of the earlier work I had done and everything is better."  
Joe B.

"I want to say how much I am enjoying your lessons!!!! OMG! You are so clear and precise and the videos are amazing help! I feel so glad to have found you!"
Mariana J.

“The class was everything and more. I learned so much and have been trying to use the skills to keep them fresh. Being able to watch the videos over until you get the concept is so helpful. I didn't use the discussion box much but you always responded quickly and could work out what I needed to do to fix the problem.” Kim H.

Capital Photography Center Instructor


Marie Joabar

Drawing on more than 12 years experience as the Corporate Trainer and Education Programs Manager for one of the Washington DC area’s leading camera retailers, Marie Joabar founded Capital Photography Center in January 2012.
With a talented staff of instructors and a wide variety of classes, its mission is to help those with a love of photography grow their passion and reach their goals - be it to capture better snapshots or become a professional photographer.
As an instructor herself, Marie finds just the right way to take complicated concepts and technology, and break the information down into easy-to-understand nuggets to share with others. Whether teaching photography basics or or complicated software, she works to take away one’s intimidation or sense of overwhelming that often accompanies learning new things so they can begin enjoying the craft and develop their skills.