Photographic Storytelling With Children

Instructor: Aaron Clamage

Self Study

Learn about photographic storytelling, through the telling of a story. Together with his 2 beautiful children, Instructor Aaron Clamage illustrates his creative process to storytelling and gives some technical tips along the way.

Join Instructor Aaron Clamage on a journey, where you’ll learn about photographic storytelling, through the telling of a story.

With his two young children as the main characters, he illustrates his creative process to storytelling and gives some technical tips along the way.

After some lessons on the basics, he’ll take you on a real life photoshoot, where the adventure really begins. You’ll enter his head, see what he sees, and hopefully feel the emotions he feels, when he's deciding what to shoot and how to shoot it.

Camera Types: Aaron will be illustrating what you can do with a simple iPhone, and how much more you can do with a sophisticated digital camera with interchangeable lenses. But, don’t worry if you have a different phone or camera, most of the concepts wills still apply.

Pre-Requisites: No photography experience is required. The content will benefit anyone from a novice to a serious hobbyist. Aaron does discuss technical aspects of digital cameras, in order to show what can be done creatively.

Course Content

- All of the video lessons have written notes as well.

  • Composition Tips and Techniques

  • Technical Elements

  • Understanding Exposure

  • Aperture, Shutter & ISO

  • Lenses For The Look You're After

  • Smartphone Tips

  • How To Encourage and Work With Children When Photographing.

Required Gear

What is needed for this course?

  • A DSLR, mirrorless or even a smartphone will work fine for this course.

  • Access to a computer or tablet for the course content.

  • It will be helpful to have children to work with as you practice and gain new skills.

What You Will Get

  • Lesson Videos

    Video lessons demonstrating key topics and insights into telling a story photographically with children.

  • Practice Assignments

    At home practice assignments to help reinforce the lessons.

Capital Photography Center Instructor


Aaron Clamage

Story-telling is my passion. Whether capturing an intimate portrait, shooting an advertising campaign, or documenting a corporate event, there is always a scene to be painted and a story to be told.

Growing up as the son of a filmmaker has formed the way I approach photography. In the highly controlled confines of a studio or tucked away in a remote location, I always have same approach. Assemble and craft the pieces, but let the subject do the talking.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, I go anywhere for an interesting photoshoot.

Some of my clients include NBC, The Kennedy Center Honors, Scholastic Magazine, PBS, Linkedin, The Sierra Club, L’Oreal and The National Academy of Sciences.

When I’m not creating content for magazines or businesses, I can be found photographing my favorite subjects — my beautiful wife and children. Since the day I first picked up a camera when I was eight years old, I've never lost my love for making pictures.