The Joy of Using Lightroom Classic
Past Webinar Recording

Instructor: Marie Joabar

Instructor Marie Joabar will demonstrate her favorite ways to use Lightroom Classic. Following a systematic workflow, she will cover the steps she uses from Import to Export and everything in between. 

Whether you’re just starting out with the program or want a refresher, this webinar will shed some light on just how powerful the Lightroom Classic is.   

Topics include;  - Allowing LR to manage ALL of your photos - Tips for folder and image organization - Best practices for importing, keywording, and rating  - Searching using the powerful Lightroom Library Filter - Using Collections to virtually group images from various folders - Workflow with Develop Module tools  - Exporting files for sharing -How to find your Catalog and best practices for backing it up - And more

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Capital Photography Center Instructor


Marie Joabar

Drawing on more than 12 years experience as the Corporate Trainer and Education Programs Manager for one of the Washington DC area’s leading camera retailers, Marie Joabar founded Capital Photography Center in January 2012.
With a talented staff of instructors and a wide variety of classes, its mission is to help those with a love of photography grow their passion and reach their goals - be it to capture better snapshots or become a professional photographer.
As an instructor herself, Marie finds just the right way to take complicated concepts and technology, and break the information down into easy-to-understand nuggets to share with others. Whether teaching photography basics or or complicated software, she works to take away one’s intimidation or sense of overwhelming that often accompanies learning new things so they can begin enjoying the craft and develop their skills.