Photography Basics and Exposure Control


Learn how YOU, not the camera, can control the look of an image. This course is designed for those who want to learn more about photography basics and manual exposure settings.

This course consists of three 1 hour 20 minute instructor led live Zoom sessions on Mondays, Jan 10, 17, 24 from 7-8:20 pm

Today’s cameras offer the photographer a wealth of tools. Taking your camera off the auto mode gives you the opportunity to use them to craft compelling images.

Understanding how your camera makes an exposure will help you decide which settings to use to freeze or blur motion and control the depth of field to capture the image you want..

Course Content

Course consists of three 1 hour 20 minute instructor led live Zoom sessions.

Participants are encouraged to have their cameras ready at each session. As Michael discusses camera features or settings, you will follow along and learn how to set them. An extra battery, memory card, and your instruction manual will be helpful to have on hand for the Zoom sessions.

This course is appropriate for any camera with manual exposure settings.

  • ISO and White Balance Settings

  • Shutter Speeds - Controlling motion to add emphasis

  • Depth of Field - How aperture affects what is in focus

  • Exposure modes - Program, Aperture, Shutter

  • Focus Settings

  • Resolution and Compression

  • Composition - What makes an interesting photograph

Capital Photography Center Instructor


Michael Koren

Michael Koren is a free-lance sports and event photographer in the Washington/Baltimore metro area specializing in youth sports game-time action and team portraits. Prior to this Michael worked professionally shooting model portfolios, corporate portraits, product photography for catalogs, and client advertising campaigns.

Michael’s passion for photography is shared through his skill as a photography educator. He teaches classes at Montgomery College on a variety of photographic topics from mobile photography to street photography.

Additionally, he has served as President and Education Chair of the Silver Spring Camera Club in Maryland. He has led numerous seminars and workshops for the Camera Club, Ritz Camera, Calumet, and others with topics ranging from beginner photography to hands-on advanced level classes.

Visit Michael’s website to learn more.